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4D v16 R3 jetzt verfügbar

4D kündigt die Verfügbarkeit von 4D v16 R3 an.

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4D v16.1 jetzt verfügbar

Das neueste Update der 4D Produktreihe 4D v16, 4D v16.1 ist jetzt verfügbar.

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4D v16 R2 jetzt verfügbar

4D kündigt die Verfügbarkeit von 4D v16 R2 an.

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Ajar AG Aktuell : Technik 4D
Have some style!

Don't think I'm going to reveal the remarks my PE teacher made when I tried to do my floor exercises in gym class. I've long erased those painful memories, even if they're slightly reawakened by the scent of the sweat and rubber mats of my childhood. However, my PE teacher's lessons also left me with some good lessons, which I'll take advantage of today.

Let's see how!

Seek and you shall find

At first, I had the idea to name this article "If you seek me, you will get me." But it was a bit too easy. And, after all, not that funny (and I wanted a funny title). I looked at something else and found "Seek me, get me". But… removing a couple of words doesn't make it any more funny. That's why I finally decided upon a title that is not funny. It was a painful decision, but somebody had to make it and I was alone in my head at this time. So, "Query and Find" came up to my mind. Hmm. No. Still not working. Even worse: One could think I'm going to talk about the database engine, while I'm actually talking about the "Find in Design" functionality.

4D SSD Watch: A Great Time to Buy

Following up on my last blog post, and also on some of the information I presented in the 4D Summit 2011 Pre-Class, I've updated one of my systems to an Intel 7-series motherboard and benchmarked a RAID 0 SSD array. Read on for the results!

4D SSD Watch: TRIM Support Comes to RAID 0

Exciting news this week as Intel has announced (via journalists apparently, I can't find an official posting) that the TRIM command is now passed though to RAID 0 SSD arrays.

4D SSD Watch: A Great Time to Buy

Just a quick update today, prompted by a The Tech Report article presenting an in-depth analysis of the plummeting cost of SSD's over the last year. I've also been watching the prices daily, read on for more details.

4D SSD Watch: SandDisk Enters, Intel Refunds, Apple Being Apple

The consumer SSD space is evolving at quite a rapid pace, so I've decided it might be useful to the 4D community to try to do a regular series of updates as I come across interesting SDD news items. I'm calling it the "4D SSD Watch". I'm also a huge advocate for the switch to flash storage, so I do this not because I think I'm an expert but, rather, because I'm trying to keep a close eye on this stuff. For this update I'm looking at three important items:

  • SanDisk, purveyor of all things flash (except SSD's until now) has made a rather strong entry into the consumer SSD market.
  • Intel has discovered a non-fixable flaw with their series 520 SSD's and is offering a full refund on the drives.
  • Apple continues its proprietary ways with yet another non-starndard SSD configuration in the new MacBook Pro.
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